28 January 2011

Our Wedding. The Flowers and Gowns.

Wind on my veil. 
Paulo and I got married last January 4, 2011. I must say I am very lucky to be married to such a nice, respectful, understanding, loving and romantic guy. He is such a good husband I am so blessed to be his wife. Ok, I should stop. He might think he is superman. Just kidding.

Planning a wedding is more serious than I thought. It could take so much of your time and energy. Throughout the whole process of planning the big day, there were times I was excited, happy, giddy, disappointed, stressed and also overly emotional. I am very lucky Paulo was very patient the whole time. But of course, even if it can cause a lot of stress and pressure, nothing can brighten up your spirit like listening to your marching song and imagining all the fun you're about to have with all the people who matter to you and your future husband. I am so grateful and lucky that the most important people in my life were there to celebrate it with us. I swear, no gift can equal the presence of family and friends on your wedding day.

I've been collecting ideas, pictures and contacts from the moment we got engaged last August 15, 2007. (oh my, has it been 4 years since?) Over the years and months, I have put together tons and tons of inspiration from wedding videos, songs, photos and magazine cut outs and thank God I was able to keep all of them and put them in a binder specifically for the wedding. I was likewise required to make a mood board for my wedding gown and the dresses of my entourage members and I am so glad that I did because all my ideas merged into this melting pot of things i love and I was able to determine the type of wedding I wanted: Romantic. Lots of lace, tulle, chiffon, crystals and beads. Champagne damask, white roses, orchids and peonies.

My beautiful Headpiece.

Since our theme was classic romantic, I had Ms. Joyce Aguilar of 2171 Floral Creations create a very romantic table setting and I must say she didn't fail to amaze me and the guests with her lovely arrangement of white roses, calla lilies, orchids, snapdragons, flowers that looked very similar to hydrangeas, carnation (i think) and loads of other beautiful white blooms I wasn't fortunate enough to know the names of. The tables were so full and beautiful. She really did a very very good job. It was very elegant. Thank you Ms. Joyce!

Pat Dy's trademark photo. 
FYI, the bouquet wasn't photoshopped.

The bridal and entourage gowns were designed by Patrice Ramos-Diaz. My favorite designer in the world. She is so nice and very passionate about her work. I would love to have another gown made by her. Actually, I've been cutting pictures of her gowns since I was in High School! I was a fangirl. Super fan. So it was definitely a dream come true for me that I was able to book her to design my wedding gown and the girls' dresses. She sent me 9 design studies earlier in the year and I promise myself that if I had the money I would order each and every dress. They were all to die for. 

My gown was made mostly of soft tulle, french lace, beads, elegant appliqués and some crystals. All I can say is that it was perfect for me. She designed THE PERFECT gown for me. There is no other gown I would want more than what she designed for my wedding. I am very very lucky. She really was able to incorporate everything I wanted and loved on my wedding dress. When my future daughters get married I am positive (and realistic when I say this) at least one of them will want to wear it again for their wedding. 

The gowns of my girls were also just as beautiful. I wanted them to have different colors and Patrice did a very fantastic job of choosing these feminine and sophisticated colors for them: Old rose, lilac, blush, bluish silver, pink, lavender and each had a unique design and beadwork which I will be forever drooling over. I love love love their gowns and I am so happy that they loved theirs too. Theirs had some amber crystals, antique appliques and some chiffon and tulle. Love. Love. Love.

My precious flower girl Reign 
and my dashing debonair of a husband. 

The flower girl dresses were another thing. I had bought these adorable Crewcut headbands  that were on sale at J.Crew. They had these huge flowers on them made out of different kinds and layers and layers fabric. Forgive the description. Not so good at describing things I'm not so sure about.  I wasn't very familiar with the fabric but they were just so cute and lovely. So since I didn't have a design/theme in mind for the flower girls yet, I asked Patrice if she could draw inspiration from the headpieces and to my delight she was able to make these cute champagne dresses for my little girls. So thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful designer and team to work on all the details of the dresses. Kudos to Patrice and her very talented team. Especially her head assistant Mica who was very sweet and nice to me throughout the whole planning process and production. Thank you Mica!

One of my favorite photos. 
Can't describe how seeing this photo makes me so happy.

I wish I had more pictures to share. I swear I would love to blog more about the whole wedding prep and design process which I was glad and lucky enough to witness from my amazing suppliers. They did a very splendid job of putting my ideas to life. But my apologies for this entry being too long. I will post more about the wedding soon. But for now, I hope these teaser photos from Pat Dy (who is, by the way, one of the best wedding photographers EVER!) will be enough for now. 


If only my words could give justice to all the beautiful things that happened that day. I thank the Lord everyday for such a wonderful, beautiful and most importantly, solemn wedding. I love you Paulo!


  1. That floating bouquet photo is gorgeous...EVERYTHING about your wedding is gorgeous Mains!!

    Loving the new blog look btw...so purty! <3


  2. Thanks My! :) Skype soon? mejo na busy tayo kakatingin dun sa mga editorials sa mags! haha!