31 January 2011

Waking Up in Vegas.

Jem & The Holograms. I grew up watching these girls. 

       It's confirmed. We are going to Vegas on February. I am up in the clouds and very much  looking forward to this trip since Paulo hardly goes on vacation and i've been begging him for a trip outside San Francisco. 

        So since we are going to Vegas, he decided that we might as well get married, again (I know, i know). This time by Elvis at his little chapel on the strip. At first it was a popular joke in our family back in December when we went home for our 3rd wedding (First official wedding with all our family and friends).But now it seems like he is very serious and has actually found an Elvis and a little white chapel for us. At first I was very against it. This is seriously way beyond anything. I don't need to get married four times! Once is enough. I only want one wedding, one memorable one and we already had it last January 4. It's starting to make everything look like a joke. It's making everything look very trivial, you know, this whole getting married in 7 churches thing. 

        But then again, we only get to live once. And I seriously told myself that I have to live a little more this year. Stop being too shy, quiet, timid and overly apologetic. I need to do new things, try exciting stuff and be more outgoing. Push the envelope a little. It's about time I do things to make life a little more fun. So I thought, Why not?! Besides, our family and closest friends want to dress really "baduy" and dude, I'm all for it! *raises a glass* For crazy good memories!
         So now I'm thinking of what to wear, it's 3 weeks away and doing that whole "Jem is my name" thing is going to require a lot of effort, time and creativity. I'm thinking of cutting off some bangs, dying my hair black and adding some fake pink and purple highlights. Get those bright neon eye shadows, super skinny jeans, bright pumps and gloves. This is crazy I can't wait. I will try to look at some of my mom's photos in the 90's when they had this infamous hairspray-ed bangs and shaggy hair. I love it. 

           Hmm...I wonder what Paulo and the boys are going to wear. Haha. they better think of something really good. Rockstar good.



  1. Hahahaha ohmygoood Mains this is insane, I LOVE IT!!! Ayan since you're planning to get married 7 times, I have to at least make it to one of them!

  2. My! I know! May chance ka pa. 3 more. Maybe the Moroccan or the Igorot? hahaha!