04 February 2011

Friday Loves.

      I'm so happy it's Friday already. The week went so by so fast I can't wait to have those two days to catch up on sleeping, reading, cleaning, organizing and doing the laundry. The weather outside is perfect and I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping tonight won't be so cold. Thank God winter will be over soon. Anyway, I've come up with a list of things I love :) Hopefully when the time comes when I don't have to save money and am forced to spend a fortune on some useless stuff I will definitely keep these in mind. 

The Ghost Chair.

      1. The Lou Lou Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck. 
This morning I was thinking of finally getting that Lou lou Louis ghost chair I've been lusting over.     The only problem is I really don't know where to put it here at home since we  have so many things and I'm still wondering how I could fit a desk in our bedroom. I know The Husband will hate me for this but I need a desk and I don't want to put it in our guestroom  because no one ever stays there. But anyway.

Mirror Love.

     2. Venetian Mirror. 
Another thing I really really want is one of those Venetian mirrors. If only I have a decent living room or foyer, it would be perfect. I have so many ideas I'm going crazy. Lord, please make me win the lottery :)

Fresh Gladiolus
    3. Fresh flowers.
  They never fail to bring life and color to your bedroom. I usually buy pink Carnations for our  
   Virgin Mary in the bedroom. I also am in love with all white roses, peonies and gladioluses. 

An old Vogue article.

     4. Magazines. 
Fashion and interior design magazines are my life. I always make sure I get copies of US  Vogue, Elle, Elle Decor, Marie Claire, In Style, Real Simple and Bazaar, Body and Soul and sometimes Oprah. I used to collect Domino  Magazines but was heartbroken when they stopped publishing it. But ahh, the best for me are Preview and Mega. Local magazines, yeah!

Sugar Paper.

     5. Personalized cards and Letterpress Stationery.
I used to make ours on my own but I think I wan't to have a decent one made this year. I've seen sugar paper and some sites from Etsy. But still can't decide on the design. I like them  all!

My Little Secrets by Audrey Kawasaki

    6. An Audrey Kawasaki Masterpiece.
Haay, I always always check her blog and I always fall in love with every piece. She is  amazing. Been a fan for years and years. She never fails to capture my attention. Her works   are fantastic. 

Outfit Inspiration.

    7. Phillip Lim's Lace Dress.
Ok, this dress is to die for. I've been drooling and lusting for this since it came out.  Seasons ago. I said I would wear it for my wedding rehearsal dinner or to a wedding but never got my hands on them. Yikes. I wonder if anyone's selling hers? I've seen one at Zara last year but the fit was ehh.... 

    Anyway, the list can go on and on. I have got to run for now. The kids will be up and I need to finish some house chores. Back to reality but at least it's Friday already!!!

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  1. Mains!! I love, looove that chair too! I want one for my room (the blue one is gorgeous!) kaya lang pang regular monobloc lang ang budget ko, hahaha

  2. hahaha! pwede bang rip off nalang nun! :/