09 February 2011

Working Out.

I finally went to the gym yesterday night and although I worked out for only 15 minutes max it felt really good sweating a little. I didn't go overboard working out since I didn't want to exhaust my body too much. I know, excuses right? The husband was running and sweating like crazy in the treadmill while I, beside him, was walking in slow-motion looking all fresh and dry (imagine the wind on my hair like in some deodorant/perfume/soap commercial). I wanted to die. It was embarrassing. Was I the only unfit loser there? Ok, so I would jog for a minute or two and then I would stop to catch my breath and feel my body getting a little dizzy from all the effort i was exerting. I could feel my muscles contract and this uncomfortable sensation of wanting to pee. (Do you get that urge to pee too or am I just weird like that?)

So after my rosary, I stepped out of the treadmill and went to the side of the gym to read some gossip magazines while I waited for The Husband to finish. (Saw something in Star Magazine by the way, which excited me. The topic? Another entry, another time--if I can even blog about it!) Anyway, I waited there and got a chance to see everyone at the gym working their asses off for what may seem like hours and hours. I wondered if this was all worth it? Spending your weeknights exercising, not at home but in another place, with strangers working out, staring in front of a mute TV the entire time. I was working out and I couldn't even focus on the television for a long time. Aside from the fact that I hate reading subtitles, Toto's pizza place was right in front and all I could think about were those lucky people who ordered pizza and were on their way home to devour their prize in a happy carb feast. It didn't seem fair. Even the thought of finishing 5 miles and being all healthy didn't excite me one bit to motivate me to work harder. And to think with all the work I did, I wasn't even able to finish a mile! Wait, why am I saying this? I shouldn't even be surprised.

Although The husband claims my little exercise that night was really useless, I beg to disagree, it has actually made me realize how much exercise I need everyday and how I've fallen into the trap of thinking I don't need to be active, yet. But I guess now is the right time to start living healthy and not later when I'm old and too lazy. I know exercising regularly and staying active has a lot of benefits to the mind and body but sometimes it just requires too much of your effort and time and you tend to think it can wait. I don't know if going to the gym is really my thing. It's boring. But I know I need to do something about this whole "being active" thing.

I'm going to try to jog around the park later for just a few minutes. It may not be considered a significant workout but at least I'm doing baby steps. 15 mins can turn into 30 and later a whole hour. But this time I don't want to stay stuck in front of a TV or glass window, or a parking lot with people carrying boxes of take out. I think I want to go see more of the outdoors, expose myself more to nature and the sun.

Now I'm thinking of that gym membership. It won't be cheap if I don't use it. I'll give it a month and see.

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